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Supporting our Schools

We recognize the challenges our under resourced schools face when emotional, social and behavioural issues effect their students abilities to learn.

We know our schools do their best to provide health and well being support and they have told us this is one of their biggest challenges. We want to love and support our local schools and help them in providing the best support for our young people. We are responding to needs through a range of innovative projects supporting the, social, emotional and spiritual development of a wide range pupils as well as those most at risk of exclusion. We also have future plans for creative arts and music teams.

Life changing course delivered in local secondary schools by a team of trained and committed volunteers.
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Volunteer mentors for those with social, emotional and educational needs or at risk of permanent exclusion.
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A partnership project between local churches and their school to support children and families.
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Youth provision in Warwick has significantly reduced in recent years and the opportunities for young people to engage in positive activities varies across areas.
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One in ten young people experience behavioural or emotional difficulties and 50% of young people with fewer than 5, A-C GCSE's, always or often feel 'down and depressed'

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