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Message Bus Visits TCTW

The Message Bus came all the way from Manchester to visit TCTW and we were all very impressed!

Jet Jones of TFC arranged for the Manchester Message Bus to vist TCTW so we could see it in action for ourselves and get a more detailed understanding of how it works. The bus was visited by our trustees as well members of the Warwick Churches Team Council and King Henry VIII Trustees. We were all extremely impressed with the quality of the bus and the potential for its use in Warwick. The group were also impressed with The Message Trust's experience in operating a number of buses across the country. Chipper Betts The Message Trust new Midlands Hub Leader gave us a real insight into the impact the bus has wherever it goes and the multiple uses it has throughout the day as well as creative ways it is used to engage people. A significant investment of up to 200k will be needed to bring a Message bus to Warwick and the general feeling after today's visit, is it would be money well spent! This means we were given the green light to pursue plans to work in partnership with Chipper and The Message Trust to secure a bus for Warwick.

What and AMAZING day!