Strong Schools Team

Strong Mental Health Resilience Course

Life changing course delivered in local secondary schools by a team of trained and committed volunteers.

The Strong Mental Health Resilience course gives students the chance to explore Resilience. In a society where mental health is a massive issue and where a whole section of young people don’t meet the threshold to access our adolescent mental health services. This course is designed for those who fall between the gaps and are struggling to cope with the challenges of everyday life. Resilience is something that many young people lack and this course looks at essential skills needed to build resilience and will help young people to apply those to everyday life both at home and in school.

This course is delivered to young people from year 7 onwards in a small group setting and is accessible to young people with varying learning abilities. It is a discussion based group where young people can talk honestly and openly about how they feel and be given practical support and encouragement not only by group leaders but also by each other. The primary role of our team is to listen and offer advice and support where we can and support our under resourced secondary schools in their delivery of mental, social and emotional aspects of learning.

The course is currently running in two local secondary schools and has been a great success with students, parents and teachers seeing immediate impact.

If you are interested in booking the course for your school or would like more information please contact Stacey Bains.

My son has found the course really interesting and useful and I think the benefits will stay with him for a long time. He is sad it has finished! Please pass on my THANKS to all who have made this course happen; their time certainly hasn't been wasted on him!