Schools Mentoring

Mentoring in Secondary Schools

Volunteer mentors for those with social, emotional and educational needs or at risk of permanent exclusion.

We are working with a local secondary school to provide them with mentors for pupils who prefer to engage with someone outside of the school staff to address some of the issues that are impacting their schooling.

Some students are at risk of permanent exclusion while others have social and emotional issues that are impacting their ability to learn. This may involve work around self esteem, anxiety and self management.

The pupils are offered 6 weekly mentoring sessions at the beginning of which they and the school will have set goals for them to be helped to achieve. The mentor will work with the pupil to help achieve their goals and recommend other interventions or an extended mentoring period if necessary.

We are also developing a group mentoring session specifically for boys addressing issues around self esteem. They will be monthly sessions led by male role models who will share their personal journeys as well as creating a safe space for sharing and listening to each other.

We are also supporting the work of Flourish ( in local secondary schools as they deliver courses and offer mentoring specifically for girls.

If you would like more information on the mentoring support TCTW can offer please contact Stacey Bains.