TLG Fundraiser2

TLG Fundraising dinner

A totally inspirational evening learning about an amazing organisation inspiring and equipping churches to do GREAT things in their communities!

I didn't know anything about the work of TLG until I was invited to tonight's fundraiser by Rev Jonathan Hearn and Jo from St Pauls. It was lovely to spend time with them and the dinner and venue were amazing! More amazing was the work TLG are doing to transform the lives of people and communities. Their Make Lunch schemes are a huge success and the work of their Early Intervention projects and Learning Centres are changing lives. They provide great models and support that churches can partner with to see local young people and communities changed. The result of the projects were astounding you must check out

I am totally inspired to aim for NO excluded kids, NO Kids committing violent crimes and NO child on child sexual assualts!

Can't wait to see how this evening will impact Warwick!