Love Woodloes Event

Connecting Communities

Transforming Communities Together Warwick believe that by bringing people together we can improve the community as a whole. We encourage projects that break down barriers in order to develop healthy relationships and tackle isolation and loneliness.

Funding Projects:

We support a wide range of projects that are connecting communities through our grant funding. Some examples of these include Messy Church, Crash-Out Tots, Afternoon Tea's, Big Knitted Christmas Tree project and Entrust Entrepreneur programme.

Support for Older People:

We are passionate about supporting the needs of older adults and have Bereavement Support Groups, Memory Cafe Plus and the Care Home project are ways in which we are tackling loneliness and isolation. We are committed to the health and well being of our older residents through supporting early intervention initiatives that will keep people mentally, physically and spiritually fit. We also have many volunteer opportunities for those who are able as most of our volunteers are retirement age and they are a treasured and essential part of the TCTW team.


Love Woodloes:

We noticed the Woodloes area didn't have the some of the support and services that other areas of the town enjoy and we have been working together with others to do something about this. We held a Woodloes Community Celebration that bought people together and are exploring the possibility of a Community Cafe Social Enterprise on the estate.

One of TCTW’s most exciting projects is the Messy Church taking place at Woodloes Primary School every second Saturday of the month!
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Youth provision in Warwick has significantly reduced in recent years and the opportunities for young people to engage in positive activities varies across areas.
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