Worth It Training

Worth It!

Schools team volunteers from 5 different churches gathered together for some self esteem training.

It was a pleasure to spend the day with Matt Brown from Reality Youth project who trained our amazing team team to deliver the innovative “Worth It” course. The course runs for six weeks and explores self-esteem for young people, our culture and the media in particular is constantly telling our young people how they should look, how they should act, how they should think and even how they should feel: if you don’t look, act, think and feel a certain way, then you simply don’t fit. The course helps young people to look at identity, image, self-worth and what it means to be confident in who they are, not in who they are told to be.

The team were responding to growing requests from local schools to support pupils with self esteem and self worth issues. These have been identified by the school as the biggest issue currently facing their pupils and we are set to run the course throughout 2020 as well as providing 1:1 mentoring sessions using some of the course material.

Worth It Training1