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Christmas Hampers

We are busy working on our Christmas Hampers for local families!

Your Farmer have come up with a bespoke Christmas Dinner Hamper for us to distribute to families who may need a helping hand this year! The frozen meal will feature a delicious British sourced, free ranged, grass fed, stuffed roast joint, giant pigs in blankets, roasted vegetables and potatoes -delicious!

Each hamper will come with a pack for children featuring selection boxes, Christmas story book , Christmas activity book and a message of hope for the whole family.

We will be distributing 500 hampers through local schools to families who receive free school meals and local organisations such as community centres and churches who want to bless their community with a festive act of kindness!

If anyone would like to donate towards the additional costs of the Christmas Hampers please contact

Stacey Bains
Transforming Communities Together Development Officer

T 07507 722537

Christmas Hamper Joint cropped
Your Farmer have specially developed a stuffed pork or stuffed buffalo joint for our family Christmas hampers.