Catch Up Club

Warwickshire County Councillors Grant Fund 2020-21 award for Catch Up Club!

Earlier on in the year the Crash-Out Children and Youth Club were kindly given laptops through the Community Computers Scheme. They have now received funding to upgrade the software and antivirus protection on their laptops and desktops so they can be used to support young people catch up with gaps in their learning from lock down.

With thanks to the speedy work of 1MBTech they have already loaned an upgraded laptop to a local young person in need.

It's such a great help for my daughter as she was having to stay late at school homework club to be able to do her coursework on the computers there. She's received it during her birthday week and it feels like a really special treat for her - she asked for one for her birthday but we just couldn't afford it.

The computers will go on loan to those in need until Covid restrictions are over and a physical Catch Up Club will be run after school at the New Life Church.

With THANKS to Cllrs Parminder Birdi, John Holland, Pam Williams and Warwick Town Community Forum Planning Group for the award of a grant to help set up our Catch Up Club in partnership with the Crash-Out Children and Youth Club.