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SEND Parent Carer Support Group

Much needed support for parent/carers of a child with SEND delivered right in the heart of the local community.

TCTW is delighted to support this exciting partnership between Chase Meadow Community Centre, Aimée Mann Mentoring for Special Needs and Entrust Care Partnership.

The group offers people the chance to meet parents/carers in a similar position, and benefit from support and mentoring.

Mentoring is delivered by Aimée Mann who helps amazing, hard working and dedicated parents, of children with special needs, become empowered to be their child's biggest and most successful advocate. Aimée is a mum of three, including her son Freddie, who has special needs. She is a Parent Mentor, Workshop Leader, Podcaster, Blogger, Writer & Successful Advocate.

Each session focuses on a theme including:

How To Get Your Child’s Special Needs Professionals To Listen To You.

Planning Well Formed Outcomes For Important SN Meetings.

Self care for the Special Needs Parent.

Coping with and planning for the summer break.

For more information or to book onto the next group please contact Lynne Barton at Entrust Care Partnership on 07712 326273 or email

I find the group inspiring and the other parent’s knowledge and stories gives me strength to be able to advocate more effectively for my child. I used some of the advice and have got the school to do something they had been arguing about for months!